Zorro’s Cove

scuba site  zorros cove in San Carlos Sonora MexicoExperience Required

Depth Range
15-50 feet/ 4.5-15.2 meters

Really an extension of Lalo cove, scuba divers will find abundant eels along the rocky coast. Baloonfish and scorpionfish can be found commonly along the ridge that extends to the east of the cove toward the center of the bay.

At the southwest tip of Lalo Covepelicans   at a  scuba diving site in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

Zorro’s cove takes its name from the fact that scenes from the movie of the same name were filmed here.

Care should be taken not to approach the ridge that extends above the water as surge can get rough at times.

Because it is distant from a shore entry point, most scuba diving at Zorro’s cove is done off of a boat, resulting in less litter underwater from beach-goers.