colonial palythoa ignota zoanthids from San Carlos, sonora MexicoExperience Required
Intermediate – Advanced

Depth Range
50-110 feet/15.25-33.5m

Extremely rich and diverse sea life. Seamount may be circumnavigated by scuba divers several times starting near the base and spiraling upward.

Just outside of the mouth of Marina San Carlos as it empties into San Carlos Bay

Currents are nearly always present at the seamount. Because of its exposed location, scuba divers do not head to this spot as often as other dive sites. Scuba divers should take cart to follow an anchor line down, as currents may cause divers to miss the site entirely during a free descent. Suitable for scuba diving, there is not much for snorkeling here, as the top of the seamount is typically below the limit of visibility from the surface. Colonies of the zoanthid anemone Palythoa ignota may be found at the seamount