San Antonio Point

scuba boat san antonio pointExperience Required

Depth Range
15-70 feet/ 4.5-21 meters

San Antonio Point provides a protected anchorage and calm bay for newer scuba divers while affording the opportunity for more challenging dives for more advanced scuba divers.  Newer divers will want to stay in the region northeast of the small island, along the coastline.  Depths here range from 15-30 feet/4.5-9m.  This is a good site to look for seahorses and eels among the sargassum algae and the rocky bottom. 
Slightly northwest of the island at about 35 feet is a colony of garden eels.  Scuba divers may approach slowly and see dozens of these rarely seen eels emerging from the sand to feed on passing plankton.

West of San Carlos, along the shoreline. The small island southwest of the cove is the best marker .

More advanced scuba divers may enjoy trying to circumnavigate the small island at the southwestern point.  This can usually be accomplished without too much difficulty, and the abundance of sea fans and other soft corals make this a beautiful dive.  Scuba divers and snorkelers should be aware that as they move towards the exposed southern side of the island, they will sometimes face strong currents and may have to turn back.  Also, it can be easy to pass the entrance back to the cove and if divers continue east pas the rocky outcropping at the point, they will be out of sight of the anchored boats and may face a tiring (and embarrassing) surface swim.