Lalo Cove

octopus at  lalo cove, San Carlos, Sonora Mexico

Experience Required

Depth Range
15-50 feet/ 4.5-15.25 meters

Lalo cove offers a variety of habitats for scuba divers and snorkelers to explore. This is an excellent site to see schooling jacks, the odd Mexican lookdowns, and a plethora of invertebrate species. Most scuba diving is in the 25-35 foot range, so scuba divers may be able to stay down for a long time and cover a lot of terrain.

One cove west of Frenchies, under Tetakawi

Lalo cove is probably the most popular beach entry for scuba divers. The beach itself has coarse sand that gives way to cobblestones as a scuba diver enters the protected surf zone. While the easiest entries are along the beach, the best scuba diving is along either the rocky face to the west of the cove or in the rubble field along the eastern extension of the cove.