Isla San Nicholas

isla san nicholas by olin feuerbacher


Experience Required

Depth Range
15-50 feet/ 4.5-15.25 meters

Because there is abundant life in the shallower depths along the island, this is a great destination for snorkeling and scuba diving alike. Abundant eels and stone scorpionfish highlight the marine life here.  With a scattered rocky bottom, this site is a favorite breeding ground for sergeant majors and other damsels. These fishes can be seen tending their egg masses on the rocks from spring to fall.  They defend their nest vigorously and will even nip the fingers of intruding scuba divers.

Immediately southeast of the mouth of San Carlos Marina as it enters the Gulf

Most scuba diving is along the east and west edges of the island where it protects divers from currents.  The best scuba diving is in the rocky rubble zones from 35-45 feet. Snorkeling is best near the island along either the north or south tips.

It is also referred to as White Rock or Guano Island due to the extensive decoration of bird droppings that cover the island.