haystack  dive  site by Traci Henne

Experience Required
Beginner – Intermediate

Depth Range
20-45 feet / 6-13.5 meters

Often visited by schooling pelagics including yellowtail, barracudas, and even mobulas. Scuba divers shouldn’t forget to scan the surface at this dive site. Abundant life in the scattered rocky bottom and substantial numbers of gorgonians and other colorful soft corals. A favorite site for both scuba diving and snorkeling, there is interesting life and topography at all depths.

At the southern tip of Guaymas Harbor.

Currents between haystack and the mainland can be severe and the southern tip is poorly protected so care must be exercised in choosing a dive site. The shallow shelf at the northern side of haystack is often urchin-o-riffic, so scuba divers should be especially aware of their buoyancy control.