Frenchie’s Beach


frenchies  cove  by olin feuerbacherExperience Required

Depth Range
15-45 feet/ 4.5-21meters

This is one of the most popular sites for scuba divers and campers that wish to forgo the comforts of boat diving and rough it on the beach. Both the eastern and western ends of the cove have some nice spots for scuba diving and snorkeling along the rocky outcroppings. In-between the ends of the cove are small rocky patches intermingled with long stretches of sandy bottoms.

East of Tetakawi, take the dirt road east from Lalo Cove

This is a nice place to see a lot of rays, and campers often report dolphins cruising the bay in the early mornings. Frenchie’s beach is slightly more secluded and quiet than Lalo cove, but the scuba diving isn’t quite as diverse