Dining in San Carlos

The food in San Carlos is excellent and diverse.  
Here are a few of our favorite sites.


Barracuda Bob’s – Good coffee, a wide variety of pastries, ice cream. Internet access and a Laundromat to boot!

Rosa’s Cantina – Rosa’s serves a range of breakfasts from eggs and French toast to chiliquilas, soups and more.   The atmosphere is always friendly and the food is hearty and well prepared.

El Embarcadero – The weekend buffet at the Marinaterra Hotel is a delightful heart attack in the making.   An omelet chef will prepare eggs to your making, numerous sides and additional entrées are always hot and tasty, and enough Mexican pastries and donuts are lined up to send you right into a proper sugar high.


Marina Cantina – Probably the best sandwiches in town.   The Godfather will stuff you after a day of scuba diving and the Cantina Burgers are a well-seasoned specialty.

Rosa’s Cantina – A classic amongst San Carlos restaurants, this is a traditional departure point for many Arizonan’s about to head back to the states.   Carne asada tacos are a personal fave here, and the quesadillas, burgers and Mexican combo are all highly recommended.

Tacos JJ – Simply the best tacos in San Carlos.   And that’s hard to do. There isn’t a bad taco stand in town.   Roadside ambiance excluded, the carne asada is prepared splendidly and the sides are fresh and delicious. 




Blackie’s – Probably the best menu in town for dinner.   Diverse, there is something for all tastes.   Slightly “Gringoized”, but there are plenty of traditional favorites as well.   For couples, the “Mixed Grill” will leave you stuffed.   It is a combo of shrimp, chicken, and steak served sizzling at the table.   There is also a bar complete with live piano music most nights, and the specialty after-dinner desert drink is a highpoint of the night.

El Bronco – Although the service can be unpredictable and the group-check dynamic can be difficult to navigate (the bill is not normally itemized), the steaks here are top-notch.   Sonora beef is considered to be of a very high quality, and the cooks at this restaurant definitely know how to make the most of it.   The quesadilla appetizers are diminutive and pricey, but very tasty.

San Carlos Bar and Grill – A long time favorite in San Carlos, this restaurant is known for a distinctly jovial atmosphere and quality food.   A nice time for groups, the Bar and Grill is located between the roundabout and the Marina Real Hotel.

Bananas – Generally good food, great service, and even live bands including amateur (very) nights.   The carne asada taco plate is very good and most of the combos are filling and tasty.

Piccolo – When the urge for Italian food strikes in San Carlos, Piccolo is the answer.   Located near Rosa’s Cantina, it is most easily found by the neon green saguaro on the front.   A moderately elegant atmosphere and a lot of traditional Italian dishes, often with a slight Mexican flair.   Don’t leave without getting the raspberry crepes.

Charlie’s Rock – Beautiful views overlooking San Carlos Bay are a main attraction of this restaurant come sunset. Mix in a few of their premium margaritas, and this is an unforgettable spot to while away the early evening. This is one of the surprisingly few restaurants in San Carlos that specialized in seafood and they do a fine job.