Eagle Rock

fleshy sea  pen in San Carlos, Sonora Mexico

Experience Required

Depth Range
25-70 feet/7.6-21.3m

A favorite site for night dives, scuba divers are drawn to a dramatic shallow wall that drops to a jumble of boulders along the base of the wall. Great invertebrate life for macro photographers. Most of the best life will be found at scuba depths, but there is plenty along the wall for snorkelers as well.

Along the east wall of the first bay that lies west of Catalina Island, around the corner from Punta Doble. Only a couple of minutes away from San Carlos Marina.

As scuba divers move away from the shoreline into deeper waters, the bottom becomes sandy and is interspersed with patch reefs.  The depths from 50-70 feet are especially good for finding jawfish burrows and there is an abundance of fleshy sea pens and the burrowing nudibranchs that prey on them.