San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

From margaritas to manta rays, the Guaymas and San Carlos regions of Sonora, Mexico are among the best kept secrets of the Sea of Cortez.   These are the among the top scuba diving destinations of the mainland coast. The towns of Guaymas, San Carlos and Bahia Kino all possess a friendly and quaint atmosphere that pervades the region. SeaSanCarlos is devoted to sharing with the world, the unique riches of this desert region.   In concert with its sister sites SeaBaja and SeaCortez, SeaSanCarlos focuses on the exploration of the diverse water sports of Mexico, including scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and sailing, as well as furthering an understanding of the amazing diversity of the Sea of Cortez and the ecological and environmental aspects of Mexico’s desert sea.


Only 250 miles from the U.S./Mexico border, San Carlos has become a top destination for travelers seeking the splendors of the central Gulf region of the Sea of Cortez. Boasting a level of species diversity similar to the Bahamas, and only truly exceeded by that of the Red Sea, the Sea of Cortez is an aquatic playground without compare. From fishing for marlin and dorado, to snorkeling with whale sharks and scuba diving with dozens of curious sea lions, the Sea of Cortez will leave your heart racing from adventure, and your head reeling with the sheer rugged beauty of this desert sea.


Scuba Diving and So Much More

Much attention has been paid to the Cape region of Baja as the premier destination for scuba diving and other adventure-based travel into Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, leaving the accessible regions of Sonora such as San Carlos and Bahia Kino largely overlooked. There is little question that for scuba divers and snorkelers, the big animal action of La Paz is unmatched, and if you are out to party, Cabo San Lucas is the choice. But, if you are looking for a region that blends the incredible richness of these waters with excellent scuba shops and the casual elegance and beauty of a Mexican coastal community, San Carlos provides an ideal alternative to the more traditional resort destinations.

In the case of San Carlos, smaller does not equate to primitive or boring. Activities abound, allowing travelers the opportunity to enjoy the natural richness of the region without all the crowds. Besides the obvious pursuits of scuba diving, kayaking, fishing snorkeling, jet-skis, and of course, just sitting on a beach, San Carlos offers a wealth of “dry” activities like golf, mountain-biking, hiking, and horseback riding. With a blend of traditional Sonoran favorites and the best seafood of the gulf, the dining experiences will likewise have something for all tastes.