catalina  island by olin feuerbacherCatalina Island and Martini Cove

Experience Required

Depth Range
15-70 feet/ 4.5-21meters

Large boulders and swim-throughs for scuba divers, shallow wall along Catalina, orange throated pikeblennies, conch's, moray eels, anemone-carrying hermit crabs, sea hares, staghorn hermit crabs, stingrays, Palythoa and red zoanthids.

Catalina Island is immediately southwest of the mouth of San Carlos Marina.

martini  cove san carlos by olin feuerbacherNotes
When weather or currents make scuba diving at more exposed sites difficult, Catalina Island and Martini are usually still calm and accessible. Fortunately, these sheltered sites are also some of the best in-shore scuba diving sites in San Carlos. The marine life here is plentiful and diverse, and the walls and boulders make for fantastic night dives.





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